5 Things You Must Do to Host a Successful Virtual Summit

Here are 5 Steps You Should Know How to Implement Before Creating a Virtual Summit

You can certainly launch a summit without these five steps, but it’s highly likely you’ll wind up confused, lost, and disappointed. By implementing these five steps we successfully hosted not one but THREE virtual summits in a three-month span.

1. Find Your Dream 100

Essentially, this means creating your prospect list. Who have you always wanted to interview? Who does your dream customer already love and admire? Who are the industry leaders in your niche? What topics are trending in your sector?

By asking questions like these, you can identify which influencers would best suit your topic, give the most value to your audience, and be a strategic relationship for you to foster.

Be careful with your list. You’re essentially promoting their stories, frameworks, and beliefs by inviting them on to your summit, so make sure you align well with them!

2. Follow Up, Follow up, FOLLOW UP!

People are busy. Period. With a combined 10 years in customer service, account management, program management, and sales Kaid and I know the difficulties of getting people to respond to requests. Step 1, meet people where they actually are.

If there is an influencer you’re trying to get on the summit and they are always active on a specific social media platform, but not responding to your more corporate-style emails, then send them a DM!

It’s not intrusive, it’s strategic and they’ll appreciate you’re speaking to them where they already are, not forcing them to go catch a dusty email account they never check.

3. Mind Your Manners

Do what your mama always told you to do ;)

Just like with any business interaction, find a comfortable combination of professionalism and human connection. No one wants to work with a professional robot, so bring out your authentic self and be a joy to work with.

Always respect people’s time and attention. Howard Bowersox taught us that this summer and it’s resonated strongly with us. As Breynan Hammons said in our interview with him, Time is the one currency you can’t spend again.

4. Give Value

This step is critical. Give value in every aspect of the summit. In your correspondence, in your interview questions, in your presence on video, in your gratitude, in your collaboration with the speakers, in your support to your attendees. If you overdeliver value, you’ll receive value in return.

Most importantly, deliver value in any product or service offer you are connecting to your summit. Not only will it foster better customer relationships., it will demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of what your customers are wanting and needing within your industry.

5. Create Relationships

It wasn’t until nearly the end of our second summit, but it suddenly dawned on us. The summit wasn’t just to collect leads. It was to create relationships with the speakers.

Think about it. You’re inviting some of the biggest and brightest in your field to come and share intimate time on a 1:1 interview with you so you both can give value to your audience. Don’t let this be a one-off connection.

Even after the interview and summit, continue to engage and support your speakers online, on their platforms, and on their social media. You may just have a future business partner in the mix…

Hope this was helpful in your summit endeavors!

All the best,

Olivia & Kaid, the OK in @okworldtravel



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