How He Quit His Job and Proposed Without a Ring All In the Same Day

We got engaged the same day Kaid quit his job of just under 5 years.

I wasn’t expecting either one to happen that day, but I wouldn’t trade the way this day unfolded for anything.

Kaid had been working incredibly hard for the last 2.5 years to set himself up personally, financially, and structurally to make this big leap of full time entrepreneurship. With everything he did over those last few years, he was finally ready for the day to set out on his mission, to create his own success story, our success story..

He had a big meeting Monday afternoon, but I had no idea that this was the meeting. We live in a suite with a loft, so I was downstairs reading in the living room and he took his call upstairs in the open loft where we had his office set up.

As he started the call, I continued to read my book. It wasn’t more than 2 minutes, though, and I heard him say…

“I wanted to let you know I’m putting in my two weeks notice.”

That call lasted for an eternity, really only about 45 minutes, but by this point I was pacing the living room impatiently waiting to hear how this all transpired. Finally, Kaid appeared down the stairway from the loft and my heart just started jumping for joy.

Standing before me was the same energetic, smiling, sparkly-eyed man I had fallen in love with 5 years ago.

No longer were his eyes ladened down with a burden of a job he didn’t have fulfillment in..the sparkle was back!!

No longer were his shoulders heavy with dreams he couldn’t yet chase..his shoulders looked like a weight had been lifted off of them..

Mr. Smiley was back!!

As the story unfolded for me, he shared that our walk right before the meeting had helped him get into the right mindset. He had been listening to our favorite soundtrack from The Greatest Showman and something sparked inside of him. Today was the day. It felt right.

As he kept listening to our favorite songs in the shower, he thought about it more. He had all his ducks in a row, everything was ready, now was the time to act.

My eyes filled with tears as I listened because I knew how inspiring those songs had been for us during The Great Shutdown of 2020 and I could feel the emotions and thoughts he was describing.

Kaid walked over and turned on our speaker and started playing the soundtrack. The first song was our song, A Million Dreams…As Kaid filled me in on how the rest of the call went, I was just overwhelmed with love and admiration. I was so proud of the work he’d put in, the courage he acted upon, and the determination I could see building up inside of him as we continued to talk about it.

The next song was one of the upbeat ones from the soundtrack and we started dancing our silly butts off in the middle of our living room.

He was jumping up and down, belting the words to the song, I was spinning around dancing my little heart out…the perfect moment of shared exhilaration, joy, and excitement for what was to come of this decision.

And then…Still dancing, I turned back around to face Kaid, but he had stopped dancing and was kneeling on one knee…

He kneeled there, in a moment of complete spontaneity, extending two empty hands in the shape resembling holding a ring but..

No ring…

The music still blaring, we started dancing, kissing, and hugging each other. So excited for what was to come next..The start of his company, the start of the rest of our lives. All in one beautiful afternoon. One afternoon that changed our lives forever…

PS- How I got a ring is for a future story ;)



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