How to Get 14 Contracts Signed With 14 Influencers

With this 3-step framework you’ll be signing contracts left and right with the right people!

Do a Summit

One of the best ways to connect with influencers and have a legitimate reason to talk with them is to host a summit. Use the summit to serve as a ‘reporter’ and interview influencers that are experts in the topic of your summit.

Not only does this position you on the same level as these influencers, you’re providing them free content, a platform to spread their message on, and additional exposure via your community and your other influencer’s communities.

Use a Tool to Help You

Use a tool that helps you coordinate getting the contracts signed with each of your influencers. We used DocuSign and have been very happy with the quality of the service, the convenience on our end, and the professionalism it portrays on the customer side.

DocuSign allows you to input the specific contracts you need signed as well as the emails of the influencers you wish to send the contracts to. Once sent, your influencers will receive one email with a direct link to virtually review and sign the contracts.

Docusign will notify you via email if the contracts have been viewed, once they’ve been signed, AND will send a reminder email to the receiver to remind them to sign if they haven’t and the contract is getting close to expiring.

Get on the Phone

When in doubt, PUP! One of our amazing speakers on 1.0, Janice, encouraged PUP or Pick Up the Phone! If you have everything automated and still haven’t heard back, then a strategic phone call is a great next step. Not only does this show your professionalism it also allows some human connection with your influencer.

Ideally, you’ll have a few minutes to chat and build a stronger connection, which builds rapport. Demonstrate your intent to follow up so you’re making their experience smooth and enjoyable. Don’t forget to smile! Even through the phone, people can sense genuine happiness and physically smiling will ensure that comes through!

Hope this helped you all connect and sign contracts with your dream influencers!

Bye for now,

Olivia and Kaid, the OK in @okworldtravel



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