How to Keep Pushing That Last 5%

3 Things to Tell Yourself When You Really Just Want to Go to Bed…Or Stay in Bed, But You Need to Finish a Big Project.

This is us right now with Sleep deprived, but conscious of just how close we are to being done!

Here’s what we’ve been reminding ourselves every night and morning!

Remind yourself who you’re doing it for

If you don’t know who your who is, stop reading right now. As an entrepreneur it’s critical you know who your dream avatar is.

Not only does this affect how you create your content, where you create your content, and what you create, it will help you maintain or find your motivation when the going gets tough.

For example, Kaid and I are in this to bring hope to digital entrepreneurs and creatives. We want to cut the learning curve for people just like us, who have big dreams and plans, but maybe some big road bumps to overcome as well.

Kaid and I had to tackle personal debt, mental barriers, and even physical barriers to get to where we are today. If we can help others get there faster, so together we can collaboratively make the world a better place, then we’ll for sure pull another sleepless night or get up when the first alarm goes off.

An overarching theme Kaid and I have seen in our interviews for is that the best in their field know exactly who they are working so hard for and they sustain high energy levels just from this one fact.

Remind yourself why you were excited about this to begin with

At one point, you were hyped about what you’re doing. And if you’re not, maybe you need to go read an article on rediscovering what you want to do in life because this one concept makes a huge difference.

But, ideally what you’re currently working on is something you are truly passionate about. Try to think back to the very beginning about what got you excited each day.

I’ve talked about this in other articles, but know what type of person you are, work wise can help with this a lot. If you know you’re going to be up working late, don’t save the hardest stuff for 1am.

Try to not only prioritize, so you’re not more stressed than you need to be, but also try to do the tasks that fit your morning attitude in the morning and vice versa. This often helps feel better and then do better.

Remind yourself that your situation is (hopefully) temporary

Remember, this too shall pass. You won’t always be holding your eyeballs open and chugging coffee like it’s water. This is temporary and it’s for a good cause! Remember, you’ve already reminded yourself of of WHO you are doing this for and WHY you’re doing it. Now, just remind yourself that this isn’t a life long experience. It’s just a season…

We hope this brought you hope for whatever you are pushing through the last 5% on. I know it can be hard, trust me, my eyes have never felt heavier, but the end result? Totally worth it!

Bye for now,

Olivia and Kaid, the OK in @okworldtravel



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