Local Collaborations and How to Create Synergy

Kaid and I had a special day today. We had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with one of our HOPE.dev guest speakers in person right here in our home town!

Here’s what today emphasized for us today…

Your thoughts really do become things

If you let them. But, they need a few things to flourish. Water them with resources, additional ideas, new inputs, and watch them grow into things. And not just things, but THINGS! Something. Anything.

If you had told me even a few weeks ago when we added Jamie Mustard to our guest speaker prospect list that I’d be sitting in his living room, picking up signed books for a giveaway, and playing with his exotic (and beautiful ) cat, Nigel…I would have said you were trippin’.

And yet, that’s what our Friday night just consisted of…and pizza.

Finding Collaborations Online

We found Jamie through our searching on the internet for speakers, but the irony is that he stood out to us. Why is that ironic? Because he’s the author of a book called The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out. I’m excited to read this book now that we have our copy because it’s a novel blend of art and business and science coming together to explain the past, present, and future of what we know as branding.

A Drastic Increase in Ads

Did you know that even back in 1950 we used to see a whopping 250 advertisements a day? Can you guess what is it today? 15,000. A DAY. It’s no wonder it’s hard to stand out. Jamie’s book dives deep into the why’s and how’s of all of this, so I’ll let his expert words share more with you…

“As noise around us grows into a never-ending thrum, it reduces our ability to hear one another. Artists struggle to grow their audiences. Writers fail to retain readers’ concentration. Advertisers’ work fails to generate sales. Innovators can’t get enough support for their ideas. Businesses have a harder time attracting new customers. We’re trying to stand out but because of the digital onslaught, people are so overwhelmed that they are only partially paying attention.”

-Jamie Mustard, The Iconist: The Art and Science of Standing Out

Millennials and Digital Overwhelm

Kaid and I have experienced this onslaught personally as digitally-inclined millennials. We’ve both easily been online since the age of 5. From neopets, computer games, Playstation, to cell phones, laptops, the list goes on and on. The amount of time we spend online, I would guess Kaid and I see even more than those 15,000 ads a day.

Either way, Jamie brought a true synergy into our lives with this collaboration as we navigate the very thing he’s been writing about. The fact that he lives 20 minutes from us is just the cherry on top.

So…thoughts become things?

YES. With the right concerted effort, attention, and dedication you’ll begin to see doors that were previously locked suddenly open, doors that didn’t exist, suddenly appear, and doors that you know longer need fade away into oblivion.

Jamie told us he was drawn to our message with HOPE.dev, but what sealed it for him was the fact that we were local. He wanted to help support us and give back to our community through the collaboration.

So, yes, even in the Covid era you can still find collaborations for work. You can find synergy in your surroundings. You can find your community.

Hope this gave you hope and inspiration to keep going strong and continue building your tribe. You’ve got this!

Bye for now,

Olivia & Kaid, the OK in @okworldtravel



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