Pirouette, Don’t Pivot

How to keep coming up with ideas even when you feel like you’re out of juice

Some days you might fee like you just can’t think of a new topic to write about, caption to share, or podcast topic. It happens.

Kaid and I came up with this concept of doing a pirouette rather than the now rather glorified pivot. Why is this a better strategy? Read on to find out..

Pirouette vs Pivot

What the Heck is a Pirouette?

Have you ever seen a ballerina dance? A pirouette is the effortless twirl they do o their pointy little shoes that makes you cringe and look in aw all at the same time. It’s beautiful, graceful, and impressive.

What’s a Pivot?

When I think of a pivot I imagine an NBA basketball player, pivoting on one foot looking for a teammate to pass to or pivoting to fake out the other player and then dart in the other direction to make a shot. Impressive and exciting, but not quite as graceful as the pirouette.

So What’s the Difference in Business?

Well, in business Kaid and I have felt like we’ve been pivoting a lot, but that can start to make you feel like you’re just constantly on defense, looking for a way out. And I think we can all agree that’s not an enjoyable way to run a company.

Benefits of Making Pirouettes in Your Business

Pirouettes allow for continued movement.

Think about it..A ballerina never stops spinning in a pirouette. She can slow down, speed up, even move herself across the stage if they need too.

Imagine the benefits of maneuvering like this in your company. Evolving, transitioning, and moving effortlessly as new scenarios and situations approach you. Consider this mental image the next time you need to make a pivot-type movement in your company.

Perhaps there is a more fluid and creative way to respond to the situation. Rather than pivoting in a totally different direction, see how you can more gracefully maneuver and tweak the situation to make it work better or faster. Sometimes, it’s just a small change that needed to happen. A pirouette over a pivot.

Hope you found this helpful! We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll definitely be diving further into this in future articles.

Bye for now,

Olivia & Kaid, the OK in OKWorldTravel



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