Sharing With Your Community: Authenticity is Key

The constant struggle of someone building a community online…How do you show your true self, how do you help people, without giving them too much personal information or, worse, bringing them into the emotional turmoil of your current life drama.

Below, we share 2 foundational ideas that we think will help you find a happy middle ground that allows maximum authenticity without burning out trying to make content and without sharing your life drama.

Open Wounds Vs. Scars

One of our speakers on 1.0, Parker, shared something truly profound with us in his interview and we think it’s a great foundation for how to be authentic with your audience without dragging them along through your struggles.

Don’t share the wounds that you are still going through.

If you want to truly help people with what they are going through, you need to be done healing from it yourself. Wait it out, find your truth, learn the life lesson, reflect on it, and then bring it to your audience as an anecdote they can learn from themselves.

Open wounds allow too much emotion to come through. Most importantly, you haven’t given yourself enough time to reflect on what you’ve learned from the experience. Heck, you might not even know yet!

So allow yourself time to live the stories you want to share with folks. Once you have personally gotten through it and can objectively share the twists, turns, and truths of what happened, then you can bring it in as a valuable lesson to your following.

Document Don’t Create

This one comes from our mentor, GV. He is the king of content. But that’s because he documents his life for content rather than creating content for content.

Think of it like this, instead of planning out a monthly photo shoot where you collect 30 new photos over an afternoon, imagine just documenting your life every single day, collecting over 30 photos per day.

Which method produces more content? Right, the documenting.

Sure, the content might not be as curated, but that brings us back to the whole main point of this article.


What’s more authentic then sharing your day to day with people? It allows them to see the highlights still, but also the day-to-day grind or the daily habits that you have in place.

Try documenting vs. creating and see how much more authentic content you can turn out for your community. We think you’ll be surprised with the results!

Hope this was helpful in your journey to create a strong community and helps you to better document and share your unique stories and experiences.

Bye for now,

Olivia & Kaid, the OK in OKWorldTravel



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