That One Time We Moved to San Francisco

Big Things Happening for OKWorldTravel!

2 min readJan 22, 2021


After 11 years for Kaid and 8 years for me, we are saying goodbye to Oregon as a home soon.

When our lease went month to month back in October, Kaid and I started chatting about where we wanted the next year to take us. As we were knee deep in our first few summits, we decided to go month to month on the lease of our apartment and see what 2021 brought us.

As January has gone on, we’ve decided that it’s time for a temporary change.

We’ll be heading down to San Francisco in the near future and then figuring out where the wind will take us next. Perhaps Boise or Denver?

The changing seasons of life are always a little bittersweet, aren’t they?

But we’re also really excited to see what’s next for us! Preparing to move has also inspired us to sell nearly all of our furniture. We will renting the smallest Pod we can in an after to cut the ties of physical belongings at least for now. It’s actually quite exciting to think how little we will have left to worry about!

More to come as plans solidify…

But we’ll be continuing to share more of our stories from the company and goings ons of 2021 here in the meantime!

Cheers ya’ll!

All the best,

Kaid and Olivia, the OK in OKWorldTravel




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