The Simple 30 Minute Daily Routine That Completely Changed Our Lives

Just a few simple habits were all it took to set us on a consistent path to success.

3 min readApr 9, 2021


You don’t need to do much to create dramatic change in your life. No, it probably won’t be an overnight transformation, but we’re huge proponents of consistent habits. Consistency over a long period of time is where the most successful see their dramatic transformations occur.

Here’s what Kaid and I do every day to stay consistent on our journey to success.

We publish to our community

Every. single. day. We publish over 400 times a week to our community in the form of videos, stories and posts, blogs, and more. What does this help us do?

Well, for starters we’re always top of mind for our followers. They know, like, and trust us because they get to see what we’re up to on a regular basis. We provide them a bird’s eye view into our lives and share our experiences, wins, losses, and lessons.

We think about what we’re grateful for

First thing every morning we think about what we’re grateful for. I usually do it from the comfort of my yoga mat and Kaid likes to do it straight from bed before getting the day started. No matter where you do your gratitude practice, starting the day this way allows you to find joy in what you have, what you are receiving, and what you are working towards.

Gratitude is a huge part of the journey to success. Those that don’t practice it often fail to notice when they have, in fact, achieved some of the success they were working towards. Gratitude keeps you grounded.

We document our day-to-day

We always have our phones on us so that we can document the day. Not only does this help in our publishing (that we mentioned above), but it also helps us stay in the moment.

Some will argue the younger generations are too absorbed in their phones, but we carry the power of a pocket computer with us everywhere we go and Kaid and I have learned how to leverage that to the best of our ability for both work and personal success.

By documenting what we do or experience every day, we can easily share, reflect, and change things as we notice them. Haven’t documented a walk in a few days? Time to lace up the walking shoes!

Documenting is a great way to easily keep track of what you’re spending your days on and where you might need to dedicate more time.

We hope you found this helpful! Tell us below which habit you already practice or would like to start practicing.


Olivia & Kaid, the OK in @okworldtravel




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