Where Am I Today? A Simple Way To Evaluate Your Life

Where are we today?

Kaid and I wanted to answer this important question publicly for you, so you can see how easy and simple it is to take a snapshot of your life for analysis.

Willing to lose it all…for you!

Kaid and I have spent many months discussing how far we are willing to go for H0P3…

And here’s the crazy, scary, honest-to-God truth. We are willing to go bankrupt for this mission.

We so firmly believe that the ideas, systems, support, and value we’ve created for you is worth giving up everything else we’ve built up. The savings, the 401k, the belongings. We are risking it all to create HOPE.dev: The Summit and the many offerings that are coming after it.

Not everyone may be as crazy as us, in fact our community group calls us the 1% crazy, we added on that the other 99% is insane..

We don’t expect many to understand..

We don’t expect many to support…

But we want you to know that we do it with bright eyes, full hearts, and minds focused on one thing…

To bring hope to light.

Fired Up, Gaining Momentum

Knowing where we are today has helped us find and gain the momentum we will need for the next 30 days. Honestly for the next calendar year.

As much as HOPE.dev: The Summit serves as a landmark goal, the work is no way near done after November 1st-3rd comes and goes.

This is a full commitment. We’ve ignited the flame and created an offer that brings hope to the hopeless AND the hopeful.

One of my mentors, Rebecca Tweed, who is a high performance queen, said its all about ramping up the momentum to full throttle SLOWLY, so that once you’re at top speed, you can hold it for as long as you need.

It’s kind of like a marathon runner. You don’t blast off from the starting line at full speed, you slowly ramp up to your race pace and then hold it for the entire 26.2 miles.

That’s us. We are running a marathon. A race that very few compete in.

Alex Charfen of the Billionaire Code, says that there are only 700,000 business owners who make over $1,000,000 annually.

It’s a small pool, a tight community, one that we are excited to be a part of!

30 Days to Launch

With just 30 days until we launch HOPE.dev: The Summit, it’s the definition of grind time.

Lists, follow ups, whiteboards, printouts, planning, scheduling, organizing…It’s an exciting and scary time all at once.

There’s always a little voice of doubt that wants to creep in and derail your progress, but that’s where the habits of self-talk, focus, and knowing your why come into play.

If you know with your whole heart why you’re in the game, no one wil be able to talk you out of it.

We are fully focused, all in, and so ready for HOPE.dev: The Summit.

Are you?

Thank you for your time and attention, it means the world to us!

Remember, everything is OK..

Bye for now,

Oliva + Kaid, the OK in @okworldtravel



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