Why Batching Your Life Is The Key To Success

Batching by different tasks, roles, and times of the day may just be the answer you were looking for.

Batch Your Schedule

Certain tasks are much better all together. For example, I’m in my email all day every day if I’m not careful. What I’v realized is I’m much more productive if I set certain times for checking and responding to anything inbound.

Likewise I batch my time for sending outbound messages as well. This allows me to stay focused on receiving and giving responses for ongoing projects.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but this has proven to be extremely helpful in my day to day.

Kaid does this with with a specific technique he learned from his mentor, Russel Brunson. There is proactive time and reactive time. Similar to what I described above, it’s the idea of focusing on your own goal/task/project during the proactive time and nothing else. Then, during your reactive time you have a designated window for responding emails, texts, and DMs.

I also try to batch my different roles in the company. I handle much of the operations, but I also project manage our creative projects. I’ve learned, from trial and error mind you, that I handle this a lot better if I treat it like I’m literally two different people.

Kaid created an avatar system that helped us identify who we are in our seven values (health, wealth, happiness, spirit, personal development, community, and creation). I’ve found the system to be very helpful in narrowing my focus on a task, depending on what avatar I am. For instance, I treat the creative role as if I’m me, Olivia, but when I need to put on my operations hat and be more in the mindset of an account manager, I’m ‘Bo’.

Sounds a little strange I know, but if you’re at all like me and easily get tangled up in your own thoughts, this might really help you! It certainly has for me..

This is an area that first requires you to know yourself. I’ve known from a young age, that I’m not very good at staying up late, which also means I am NOT at peak performance late at night. So, I batch my day around this, knowing that by about 7pm, my performance is going to be slower and less efficient.

My mornings are often heavy with content creation, using my fresh brain to get the more artist and creative things out of the way. Mid-day I do a lot more written content, like blogging and responding to emails. Towards the end of the day, I try to focus on email responses and tying up any loose ends from the day.

Kaid, on the other hand, knows himself very well and is more of a night owl, so he basically has what my schedule looks like completely flipped.

Do what works for you!

Batching also allows you to be more present in each instance of the day. This applies to work life and personal life.

When you’re at work, most of us I think are pretty good at being off our phones, personal emails, etc. right? Because we know it’s unacceptable behavior. Well, this is a little tougher when your work is at home..But by batching, Kaid and I have worked hard to make sure that work hours are still work hours and they aren’t bombarded by anything else.

Batching your personal time allows you to be in the moment. Whether that’s simply with yourself, your friends, your partner, or your whole family, try dedicating specific time where you are all in on your personal life.

Remember, we wouldn’t be on our personal phones during a work session, right? Why should it be okay to be on your work phone during a personal session? Trust us, your family and friends will appreciate this one immensely!

Try batching different areas or tasks of your life and see what happens. My guess is you’ll be better, faster, and stronger in most things. Of course, you can always experiment, see what works, tweak, and try again. Ideally, though, this opens up more free time for you to consciously choose what you fill it with.

We hope this helps you in both your personal and your professional life. Remember, everything will be OK!

Bye for now,

Olivia & Kaid, the OK in @okworldtravel

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